BlueBell Golf Society History


The BlueBell society is one of the longest existing golf societies in the Manchester area. It was formed way back in 1973 at the BlueBell public house in Moston,Manchester.Some of the founding members are still active in the society and its through their efforts that it enjoys continued success today.The original membership was restricted in numbers and therefore membership became coveted and joining was a case of filling "dead mans shoes". Not so today.

Nowadays the BlueBell is based at Blackley Golf Club,Manchester,the membership is strong with around 50 playing members who maintain the original values of the gentlemens game,playing at various courses round the country.

How it all began

A small group of friends from the Moston area would meet in the Bluebell Hotel most evenings during the week. All were members of Blackley Golf Club and so decided to have a golf day out. Stand Golf Club was chosen as an appropriate venue, and the day was arranged for early September 1973.

From memory the following played:- Bernard Dunn, Ewan McIntosh, Jimmy McHugh, Derek Horner, Ged McGowan, Malcolm Black, Gordon Clarke, Ray Daniels, Bert Wall, John Foy, John Burns, Frank Osborne, Alan Garside, Jim Wilson, Jack Hurst, Mike Lupton & Stan Dawson.

The day proved to be a success and so it was decided to have other days out in 1974. Although there were not many golf societies around at the time, it was helpful to have a formal group established that would help in securing tee time slots when visiting clubs, so it was decided to formally name the Blue Bell Golf Society, It was originally thought to call it the BBB’s Golf society (or the Bluebell Boozers Golf Society) but this suggestion was soon dropped as it was thought that some Golf clubs would object to a pub group playing their course. The first formal meeting was held at St Anne’s Old, as it was felt that the course being near the coast would be more advanced in April than many inland courses, and as this proved the case the first meeting of each year was held at a seaside venue. With the founding members all being members at Blackley G.C., word got round that the Society had been formed and several other players joined. The qualification for membership being that they drunk a pint of Holts in the Bluebell! It is no coincidence that several Ex Captains of Blackley GC are members because an invitation was always extended to the club captain and professional to join us on our days out.

The strong connection that the Society has with Blackley GC was firmly established in the formative years that Blackley GC was strapped for cash and the Bluebell members wanted to help.

In a bid to raise revenue at Blackley an evening invitation game was arranged followed by a dinner at the club. This was probably the forerunner of the Blackley evening members competition the society still holds today. Of course the Charity Day is also held at the club and in 1983 the captain, Stan Dawson, organised his charity for the benefit of the Golf Club.The Annual match between Bluebell & Aerospace became another fund raising opportunity for the club as was the Bluebell AGM and presentation dinner which are also held at Blackley GC.

The first September weekend away was held in Scotland and was to celebrate the first 21 years, time flies perhaps we should be thinking of celebrating the the 40th anniversary only two years away!

Thanks to John Burns for dusting down the memory banks and providing the info.

Past Captains

2016 F. Tyrer
2015 K. Baron
2014 F.Hauxwell
2013 Barry Wilson
2012 J.J.Byrne
2011 P.Holden
2010 G.Clarke
2009 C.Thompson
2008 D.Bamber
2007 J.Meehan
2006 M.Hurst
2005 L.Heneghan
2004 H.Ingham
2003 S.Newton
2002 T.Brown
2001 G.Stroud
2000 D.Parkinson
1999 R.Burns
1998 K.Bolger
1997 A.Hough
1996 B.Sheridan
1995 H.Withington
1994 J.Atkinson
1993 A.Wood
1992 A.Garside
1991 B.Window
1990 J.Cuppello
1989 A.Evans
1988 L.Platt
1987 G.McGowam
1986 M.Black
1985 D.Horner
1984 M.Lupton
1983 S.Dawson
1982 G.Clarke
1981 R.Sheridan
1980 F.Osbourne
1979 J.Burns
1978 G.Healey
1977 J.Hurst
1976 C.Wrigley
1975 B.Dunn
1974 B.Dunn


The current trophy was presented in 1989 by ex captain S.Dawson and is played for on captains day in singles medal format.The Captains Cup is the BluBell's major comp.

2014 K.Liddle
2013 D.Parkinson
2012 C.Bloomfield
2011 S.Newton
2010 C.Barratt
2009 F.Tyrer
2008 P.Holden
2007 P.Kilcommons
2006 B.Wilson
2005 D.Parkinson
2004 A.Garside
2003 D.Bamber
2002 A.Garside
2001 S.Newton
2000 D.Haide
1999 T.Brown
1998 A.Garside
1997 D.Garside
1996 D.Bamber
1995 T.Brown
1994 S.Newton
1993 M.Black
1992 J.Cuppello
1991 A.Garside
1990 D.Homer
1989 G.Chadderton
1988 T.Brown
1987 G.Clarke
1986 W.Radcliffe
1985 G.Stroud
1984 K.Brooks
1983 R.Cunliffe
1982 K.Popperwell
1981 K.Morgan
1980 J.Burns
1979 R.Sheridan
1978 K.Brooks
1977 A.Garside
1976 L.Platt
1975 B.Dunn


This Tankard is played for in memory of Don Hayes who passed away in August 1980. The Tankard was presented by his family in 1981 and is the oldest of the BlueBell Trophies.

2014 A.Reynolds
2013 N.Murray
2012 J.Turner
2011 N.Morris
2010 A.Pattillo
2009 P.McGarry
2008 J.J.Byrne
2007 J.Clarke
2006 G.Stroud
2005 D.Parkinson
2004 A.Garside
2003 K.Bolger
2002 S.Newton
2001 A.Garside
2000 B.Lowe
1999 A.Garside
1998 S.Newton
1997 T.Brown
1996 T.Brown
1995 G.Smith
1994 G.Clarke
1993 D.Smith
1992 M.Black
1991 B.Nelson
1990 S.Dawson
1989 A.Garside
1988 L.Platt
1987 D.Morrison
1986 R.Sheridan
1985 Not Recorded
1984 A.Garside
1983 Not Recorded
1982 G.McGowan
1981 G.Stroud


Presented for the first time in 1997 by the serving secretary G.Clarke. The ?Niblick? is a hickory shafted club that carries disks each engraved with the names of past BlueBell captains from 1974 to current day.

2014 P.McGarry
2013 A.Garside
2012 K.Baron
2011 G.Morris
2010 P.Holden
2009 C.Bloomfield
2008 K.Bolger
2007 I.Rodgers
2006 C.Murphy
2005 J.J.Byrne
2004 J.Atkinson
2003 A.Garside
2002 T.Brown
2001 D.Marchant
2000 A.Plows
1999 S.Newton
1998 K.Bolger
1997 J.Higgin


This trophy was introduced in 2009 and is played for during the end of season tour. It was donated by Gordon "Nobby" Clarke on his retirement from the position of BlueBell secretary after serving in the position for 32 years.

2014 S.Newton/G.Skelly
2013 A.Garside/C.Slattery
2012 B.Wilson/B.Window
2011 A.Mayoh/A.Tattersall
2010 G.Stroud/K.Baron
2009 C.Thompson/B.Wilson

Upcoming Events


Spring Comp

Thu, 21 May 2015

Venue: Reddish Vale G.C.

Winner: TBA
Runner-up: TBA
Third: TBA
Fourth: TBA

Don Hayes

Thu, 25 Jun 2015

Venue: Cleckheaton & District G.C.

Winner: Pat McGarry 36pts
Runner-up: Alan Garside 34pts
Third: Peter Killcommon 31pts
Fourth: Frank Hauxwell 31pts

Ex Captains Niblick

Fri, 24 Jul 2015

Venue: Warrington G.C.

Winner: Norman Morris 39pts
Runner-up: Alan Mayoh 39pts
Third: Garry Baldwin 38pts
Fourth: Peter Killcommon 38pts

Captains Cup

Fri, 14 Aug 2015

Venue: Huddersfield G.C.

Winner: Cliff Barrett net 70
Runner-up: Steve Newton net 71
Third: Joey Byrne net 74
Fourth: Garry Baldwin net 76

Newcastle day1

Sun, 06 Sep 2015

Venue: Chester-le-Street G.C.

Winner: Steve Newton , Darren Hoolickin Gareth Morris & Keith Liddle

Newcastle day2

Mon, 07 Sep 2015

Venue: Whickham G.C.

Winner: Peter Holden,Keith Liddle Steve Hamlett & Alan Garside

Newcastle day3

Tue, 08 Sep 2015

Venue: Brancepeth Castle G.C.

Winner: Steve Newton & Joey Byrne
Runner-up: Darren Hoolickin & Neil Murray

Newcastle day4

Wed, 09 Sep 2015

Venue: Beamish Park G.C.

Winner: Andy O'Neill, Chris Bloomfield Cliff Barrett & Danny Speight